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Top Accessories Trends For 2020

Although other critical pieces remain forever trendy, in the new decade everybody can bring plenty of new accessories. When the temperature goes up and down, these pieces stand the time check and are important additions to your cloakroom. Below are some of the top accessories trends we’ll have in 2020, from slow handbags to lined headbands.

1. Chunky Boot


It’s important to keep your feet warm and dry as sweater season approaches. You can’t look past cocky boots this season when you pick a pair of shoes. With a low heel and a rubber base, these can be paired with a feminine dress or jeans, comfortable and slim. You ‘re perfect for a night out or a stroll around the city – it instantly adds a twist to the outfit. In 2020, for the ultimate badass look, choose a knee-like silhouette with a mini skirt – spin this stylish ensemble in the 90s and be a true head swinger.

2. Bucket Bags


Which would be better than a handbag containing all your goods? An elegant one! Those bucket bags have never really gone, but these great options are more powerful than ever. It’s an item you ‘re always carrying, from Louis Vuitton ‘s soft silhouette to Barbie style Chanel. Why not go outside of the box and go for something blue, pink, or marigold than a conventional hue, such as black, gray, or white? This look can rock in so many ways and for decades to come you will continue to wear it!

3. Sandals of Square Toe Strappy


As trends come and go, there is always a sleek pair of sandals that stayed in style. There were several square toe shoes in this season, for a good reason. In the last few days. This flattering and tight style stretches the legs and makes each element you wear a unique silhouette. In the warmer months, add a few clean sticks or socks to your feet when they are worn best. Choose between vibrant shades that add life to your outfit, or timeless in classic colors such as white, black, or gray.

4. Statement Large Chain Necklaces


Without a magnificent piece of jewelry every month of the year, a costume would not be complete. In 2020, it is no other way, because large necklaces of the chain are leading the season. These accessories are an easy way to bind an outfits together from exaggerated and chunky designs to a delicate yet declaration piece. Pair this with a blazer, a roller, or even a sweater-with this timeless bling, there’s no rule. Choose to wear it alone or with a matching gem, and you have an outfit that is dignified by Instagram.

5. Wide Waist Belts


Attach each ensemble with these stylish belts. It’ll build an immediate hourglass shape and complete your attire in the center of the waist. This is a flexible piece that you will be wearing with a jacket, skirt, or pants for all this season; there are no regulations. Go for a single shade across your entire outfit to establish a monochrome feel. It never goes out of style, so always keep it in your wardrobe.


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