Things That Make You Love And Hate Interior Designers

by Aaron Finch
Interior designers

Designers work to create spaces that make people feel at home. Interior designers are often the idea-partners in designing a space, designing furniture and other things, deciding what color scheme should best fit the space, or sprucing up an outdated room. However, interior designers can also be frustratingly stubborn and difficult if they don’t want to listen to your ideas. There are some designers who just refuse to listen to the client’s idea, which is why they are hated. To learn about the things that make you love and hate interior designers, click here:

Many people think of interior designers as visionaries and geniuses who can create any space imaginable, but there are other interior designers who prefer not to listen. They say that they have their own idea of a perfect space, and if the client doesn’t like it, that’s fine because they’re doing it for them. Regardless of what type of interior designer you have, there will always be one person you love or hate.

Things That Make You Love Interior Designers  :

1. They listen to your ideas.

Interior designers are there to create the space you want, and if you have an idea for something you like, they will work with you to create it. If you’re working with a designer who won’t listen to your ideas, find another one. It may seem hard to do if you are hiring an interior designer for the first time, so enlist a friend or family member that has worked with a designer before and ask them for their opinion.

2. They give constructive criticism. 

While interior designers should listen to your ideas and be willing to try out new things, it’s also important for them not to be afraid of telling you if something won’t work or isn’t right for the room. If your designer tries to completely change the design of your room, it’s probably best to reconsider hiring them.

3. They use their interior designers license for good. 

As a general rule, if you find out that a designer is using their interior designers license for something that is against the law, you should probably not hire them. If you suspect that this is the case, contact your state government office and see if they have any regulations or laws against using their license for another purpose than what they were originally designed for. No matter what kind of client you are, if you suspect a designer of doing illegal things with their license there is no need to hire them at all.

4. They don’t try to completely change the design of your room.

A bathroom, bedroom or living room is supposed to be a place where you can relax and unwind. That’s why designers will take the time to listen to your ideas so they can create something that keeps your space comfortable but still has a certain level of style. 

If they won’t take the time to learn what you like in a space and create something unique but similar, it’s probably best not to hire them. You should still be able to have conversations with them about what you want in a space, as long as it is something that they can actually do without doing too much damage.

Things That Make You Hate Interior Designers :

1. They try to completely change the design of your room.

If your designer is changing your design completely, you probably want to reconsider hiring them. While interior designers are supposed to listen to what you want in a room and create something that is similar but unique, they should not be trying to completely change the design of a room in order to make it work. If they are not willing to listen to your ideas and they are trying to force their own on you, find another designer.

2. They don’t give constructive criticism .

It is good for an interior designer to be able to take your ideas and create something out of them, but they should also give you constructive criticism, especially if you’re working with an older designer. If you are thinking about hiring an interior designer that is older, it’s a good idea to ask someone who has worked with them before what they were like. Younger designers may not have the experience of knowing how to handle all kinds of clients in a way that isn’t rude.

3. They are always late or cancel appointments at the last minute.

Interior designers make their money based on their clientele and work schedule, so if they cancel too many client appointments they will not be getting any business. Designers should be willing to come to your home no more than two hours before they are supposed to and should try their best to make the appointment on time. If you don’t let them know that you need an earlier appointment, they might get upset.

4. They do not respect your home or belongings.

Interior designers are typically hired by well-off people who have way more money than most people in the world, so it’s important for them to respect your home and belongings as if they were their own. That means if a designer isn’t careful when moving around your furniture or is rude when asking permission before touching a certain part of your room, you probably shouldn’t be working with them.

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