The Truth About Actors Is About To Be Revealed

by Aaron Finch

Ever wonder why actors are considered to be such a thing of beauty. It’s not just because of the makeup, hair, and fake tan – although that certainly plays a part. No, the truth is actors are perceived as attractive because they’ve mastered their body language and learned how to project their “personal Brand”. Their toned bodies make them seem approachable and relatable. They can always improve their chances at getting cast by knowing which type of roles they’re likely to get in Hollywood, and applying them accordingly. Ishaan Sutaria is an actor who’s a master at his personal Brand.

The Truth About Actors Is About To Be Revealed :

1. They know how to control their body language.

Anyone can have a great body, but that won’t help you get into Hollywood if your body language doesn’t say “charismatic star”. That’s why actors train for years to keep their bodies in shape and learn how to move them in ways that project the right personal brand. Even when they’re simply walking somewhere, they make it look like a confident strut. It’s not easy to master, but it is possible with practice and the right guidance.

2. They’re not afraid to get into character.

In the back of their mind, actors know that nothing is real; that everything is only a construct of their imagination and art. So when they’re on set, they don’t feel the need to stick to reality. They can let their imaginations run wild and the roles become much more personal. And that’s what makes them so captivating. 

The fact that they’re inhabiting these characters even in front of a camera is enough to flatter their audience, but it all starts with them knowing who they really are and embracing it in these roles; becoming one with the character on screen rather than just being in it.

3. They understand role versus character.

There’s a difference between the character you play and the role you inhabit. The role is what you’re portraying on screen, but the character is who you are in real life. While many actors confuse the two, it’s important to be certain that they know how to use each one to their advantage. By doing this, they’re able to appeal to a much wider audience and win more fans, as well as get more work in Hollywood.

4. They know how to stand out from the crowd.

Part of living your personal brand means fighting for time in people’s spotlight; getting them to notice you when there are so many other people around. The only way to do that is to know who you are and what makes you stand out from the rest. That’s where the true art of acting comes in; knowing how to present yourself so that people take notice. As an actor, that’s how you can get more work in Hollywood.

5. They understand their “personal brand” and the market.

It doesn’t matter what you want to be when you grow up, it matters what people want from you. To know what they want, actors need to understand the market they’re in and know exactly who they’re playing in this market. If they do this correctly, people will notice them and therefore get to see them play out their personal Brand. When they realize that this is happening, it gives them confidence; a confidence that can be translated into getting more work in Hollywood.

6. They know what people want.

One of the most important things an actor has to do is know what his audience likes and doesn’t like, and how he’ll appeal to them. That’s the only way they can achieve popularity, which translates into getting more work in Hollywood. 

So many actors fail because they think it’s all about them, but at the end of the day this is about creating a popular character that people will be drawn to. The actor just needs to fit into place so that people will notice them and get more work in Hollywood as a result.

7. They have a connection with their audience .

The truth is, people want to connect to other people with an audience; and that’s why actors are so inspiring. They’re doing what they love, but more importantly they’re doing it for the right reasons and know how to make that connection happen. When they get this, they have a better chance of succeeding in Hollywood.

8. They have a clear vision of what they want.

It’s one thing to know how you want to be seen and another entirely to actually make it happen. So many actors don’t understand what role they want in Hollywood, but instead just keep trying for something different each time. It’s the same in dating. You can’t be wishy-washy when trying to attract a new mate, or they’ll think you’re not really that interested. You have to know what you want and go after it with every fiber of your being. That’s also how you can get more work in Hollywood.

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