The relationship you have with Mp3 Juice Music says a lot about your personality. 

by Ethan More

The artists and genres that you like, the songs you listen to on repeat, and the way in which you interact with our brand all say something about who you are. This article will discuss how your interactions with Mp3 Juice Music can make it easier for us to know what type of person we’re dealing with so we can better cater to your needs! It’s no secret that people have varying tastes in music and it can say a lot about your personality. In order to better cater to our customers’ needs, we often try to understand the type of person they are by using their interactions with us as clues-for instance if you play only one genre or artist on repeat while never exploring new artists then chances are you might be more into finding something familiar rather than discovering new things.


If you are an artist, genre, or song fanatic then it may be that you want to find every possible piece of music out there! If this holds true for yourself then chances are high that discovering new things excites you more than it scares you obviously, as otherwise why would someone who loves exploring new things bother coming back? Extra points if they only listen to one type of artist on repeat in order to try and force themselves to keep exploring.

Mainstream artists

If you are someone who only listens to mainstream artists then it may be that you’re looking for something familiar, and if this is the case then we want you to know: We take pride in being able to offer an eclectic range of music through a variety of distribution methods so as not to limit our customers’ options!

On Repeat

You might be someone who only listens to a single song on repeat, or you may even have your whole playlist set up that way either way it’s likely because this is the best type of music for you. It doesn’t hurt if it also happens to be one of their favorite songs! In any case we want our customers’ needs and wants in mind so we can provide them with the highest quality product at all times which is why when people tell us they don’t like something, we change what was wrong about it rather than ignoring the customer (after all feedback helps improve things).

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Familiar artists

If you are someone who prefers familiar artists then chances are high that finding new music excites you less than hearing old music. This doesn’t mean you’re necessarily uninterested in exploring new things, it’s just that right now you may not be feeling the need to explore so much as revisit old favorites! One way this could manifest is by listening to a single song on repeat and then never really changing up your playlist–it might also happen if every time we contact you with an offer such as “Don’t forget-this artist released a new album today!” You reply back saying something along the lines of “Thanks for the reminder but I already own all their albums.”

The customer service team has access to all interactions customers have with us including social media, phone, chat, or email. We’re not just taking your one word answer to the question “What type of music do you like?” For example if we see that someone who claims they don’t like country and doesn’t listen to it on their streaming service is also following all major mainstream artists but never posts anything about them then this could mean two things: either our customer changed their mind (in which case we would be happy to offer what they originally liked) or they are a troll in disguise something nobody wants! It’s important for us to understand every person who comes through our door so that when customers come back with feedback such as “I really want Mp3 Juice music.

We hope you’ve found some interesting insights about your relationship with music. Have any of these points resonated with you? Ask yourself and keep reading our blogs for more information regarding this topic. Hope you liked this blog and it was helpful,for more such blogs.Stay tuned.

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