The Reason Why Everyone Love Spotify

by Aaron Finch

The issue of Spotify popularity has been debated by many for a considerable period of time. While some consider it a driving force for overpriced music and unethical practices, others believe it has the potential to be innovative in sustaining the music industry.

As this debate is still ongoing, we decided to give you some insight into why everyone love Spotify and why it may not be as bad as you think. While this may not hold all the answers, it will give you plenty to contemplate while you re-evaluate your thoughts on digital streaming services in general.Longest spotify playlist is 10 hours long, created by freddy verdonck

The Reason Why Everyone Love Spotify :

1. Spotify is a more efficient way to discover new music.

Spotify has playlists for virtually every imaginable taste, meaning that you will always be able to discover new music that you are interested in. The playlist function also makes it easy to find new bands, albums and songs by your favorite artists. If you are looking for something that not enough people know about but want to make sure it’s actually good before plunging into it fully, the playlists are often what you need. You can easily find any popular song by artist with a playlist like “top 10 ABBA songs” or “Love Yourself: Her”.

2. Spotify is more convenient than buying physical media or digital downloads.

The major benefit of Spotify is that it allows you to select the music that interests you and then plays it for you. There is no need to go through the motions of picking up your cd or dvd, popping it into your player, searching for the song in question or waiting for it to load. If your memory card has a lot of space, you can have virtually any song on hand and enjoy it at any time. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

3. Spotify works great as an educational tool.

Spotify has a wide variety of playlists and the option to create your own that can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you need music for your workout or a study playlist, Spotify can give you exactly what you want. Spotify contains hundreds of thousands of songs by artists you are unfamiliar with and it’s great for investigating new music. You can also subscribe to artist-specific playlists for just one artist, which is very helpful if you like a certain band or performer.

4. Spotify is fairly cheap and offers several price-effective plans as well as trial periods.

Spotify doesn’t have a yearly subscription plan. Instead, it has various pricing plans that cover the various qualities you are getting for your money. The “Premium” plan is suitable for most people and has unlimited skips, offline listening and ad-free listening. 

There’s also a free version called “Spotify First”, which gives you access to all the features of the Premium plan for up to 7 days trial period. After that, you can buy it for as little as $5 per month or $50 per year. Last but not least, Spotify offers a paid version called “Spotify All Access”. This is ideal for avid music listeners and gives you access to all the music on Spotify in one place.

5. Spotify has a strong gaming community and is constantly adding new playlists to its playlist section.

It’s hard to deny that Spotify does not have much of a gaming aspect to it, however, there are a handful of great gaming playlists out there such as The Gaming Institute’s “Spotify Playlist”. This playlist contains 100 tracks from 90 different games and is updated every week or so. 

There are also definite lists for different genres such as Strategy Games or Action & Adventure categories. A good example of this is “So Many Games” playlist which has over 90 tracks from various games.

6. Spotify is perfect for listening to music while working out.

Spotify has a feature that allows you to listen to music while doing intense exercise such as running or cycling. This is fantastic as you can also listen to your music at the same time, however, it is not completely accurate and you will have to adjust your playlist accordingly. Also, you will need an internet connection in order for this function to work.

7. Spotify lets you search for those rare tracks that have been stuck in your head without having to actually sort through them.

A common complaint about Spotify is that it doesn’t have a “Search” feature. While that may be true, what it does have is a function called “Discover Weekly” which allows you to find new music that you might be interested in by simply following the radio stations it gives you. This will improve your music taste and help you decide on the perfect tracks for yourself.

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