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The best fashion trends from the Spring / Summer 2020 fashion week

When you look at your wardrobe and feel that you can go shopping, it’s time to take inspiration from the best fashion capitals street styles. There is a variety of looks for the personal style of everyone from classic pieces with the revamped twist to modern design. Prepare your wardrobe for upgrading these hottest trends in fashion during the Spring / Summer of 2020 weeks.

1. Shoes Worn Over Pants

You can tie a pair of strap-on heads around your cigarette pants, jeans or slacks, whether you are going to the workplace, or enjoying a Brunch with your fans. Finish with a sweater, coat, or blouse matching the look. The classic look that is sure to be turned around is refreshing!


2. Oversized Victorian Sleeves

Take the Victory-inspired sleeves back to the 19th century. The over-dimensional design produces a slimmer waist illusion and adds a feminine instant touch to your outfit. Choose soft colors in springtime or release in black or grey your inner gothic queen. This is also a perfect time to take out the looks of your vintage puff sleeve in the 1980s.

3. Feminine Styled with Chunky Boots

Grunge’s big way back with these feminine clothing and chunky boots. If it’s a fan of bold designs or a block color preference, a maxi with a cinched tail is a convenient way for you to demonstrate your hand. Pair it with boots and you’re going to be prepared for something! It’s a true 90s. Don’t be frightened of mixing things and having fun!

4. Maxi Faux Leather Coats

Keep hot and toasty in a fake leather coat when the temperature drops. If you’d like to look sleek and highly trendy, or quirky, these long-line pieces are ideal for you. Switch things up by wearing a bright, red or smart color, or in a black ensemble knock everyone out of the park. This is another staple in the 1990s that has just been upgraded, so why not try this winter?

5. Pastel Bucket Hats

Hide the sun and use a pastel bucket hat in style. This cool and fashionable necklace looks amazing every year and is so versatile that it can be worn almost with everything. Those soft shads are timeless choices, ranging from a dark lemon to a light beige!

6. Faux Leather Jumpsuits and Boilersuits

Raising a jumpsuit, lift your whole wardrobe. This elegant, versatile single piece is like the complete outfit of one piece and is so sweet you can wear it for any event! Unleash your Barbie inside with an all-pink twist or channel a bicyclist-chic esthetic in cool dark. Complete of a belt bag and beautiful sandals or boots, you will be ruling the world!

7. Bucket-Style Bags

Securing your things in a bucket bag in style. They are the hottest accessory trend, originated by Louis Vuitton in 1932 to keep fresh champagne. Such handbags have a long body and a round shape, and they are extremely cool. Adapt the hue to the rest, or make a statement with a different tone. An ensemble with this style is easy to complete, and also functional.


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