The Beginner’s Guide to Modern Lifestyle

by Aaron Finch

Modern life has a lot to take in. There are new drinks, new drugs, new ways of being connected online and offline. Young people today have access to all kinds of information that we did not when we were their age. It’s very easy for us to feel out of place, especially when it comes time for big decisions about the future like college or jobs or relationships and furniture for sale on craigslist. And on top of all that, there is always the feeling like you’re missing out on something really important going on in the world outside your own headspace!

Long story short: life can be complicated as modernity advances and technology changes so rapidly.

Guide to modern lifestyle is:

1. Guide. 

Modern life is all about the guide, whether that’s the guide to modern lifestyle or the guide to ancient wisdom. The internet and technology are great for the way they connect us but they leave us constantly wanting new information.  We’ve got so much access to information while others have so little of it, and this can lead to feelings of superiority and disconnection from our ancestors in other parts of the world.

2. Modernity. 

What is modern life? We’re all familiar with advances like cars, planes, radio, television, computers and cell phones, but we often forget what it was like before these things were developed or how these things changed our culture as a whole. 

3. Relaxation. 

Sometimes being modern is enough, but it’s also true that being modern can be a bit much. We’ve become accustomed to a faster paced lifestyle and correspondingly, there is often the feeling of stress and anxiety in our living.  It’s okay to have some chill time out of the 24 hour news cycle, to take a sabbatical from all that cool stuff you’re doing online and just chill out on purpose instead of by default.

4. Spiritual growth.  

It’s okay to slow down and engage with the spiritual side of life, whether that be our souls, or our ancestors in cultures distant from us.  Religion is engaging with the spiritual side, whether that be Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or something else.  We’re just along for the ride at this point.

5. Authenticity. 

Ultimately it’s about authenticity; authenticity of life and authenticity of yourself. Sometimes it feels like we’re being asked to put on a mask in order to obtain the materialistic success we desire while others are told they shouldn’t have any fun without having to sacrifice their principles in the process.  Well, you can be authentic in your own way – whether that be telling it how it is or acting more like someone in a Bollywood movie. Your choices can define your authenticity without trying too hard to emulate success.

6. Family. 

Our families can provide a great deal of support and love in our lives, but many new parents face the pressure of having to raise their children as they themselves were raised.  A lot of parents feel like it’s not enough to simply model the habits, beliefs and practices they had in their own childhoods, but instead are expected to be constantly teaching their children what they believe, from birth until death.  This is just not feasible unless you’re a parent who was raised in an “open-minded” household.  There is a lot more about modern family life that people need to learn about…and it’s probably best that you learn about this on your own time.

7. Growth. 

There is a lot of pressure to grow in this world, and this pressure can lead to all kinds of issues psychologically and emotionally. As we mature as people we tend to become more concerned with materialism, survival, achievement and social justice.  These are all very important things but they shouldn’t detract from your own personal growth.  

8. Spirituality. 

A huge part of our modern lives is spirituality, whether that be organized religion or spirituality or something in between.  The important thing is to examine the many different ways we spiritually connect with one another and the world around us, which often does not require following the exact rules laid out for us by religion over thousands of years ago.  It’s okay to explore how you were raised, but you should also know that you can choose to explore other spiritual paths as well.  It’s well within your power to have a spiritual life experience even if you’re not religious.

9. Technology is awesome 

Technology has brought us a great deal of convenience and it has definitely changed our culture in many ways. The internet and smartphones are probably the biggest changes that technology makes in our daily lives, but there are many other things we could benefit from learning about or exploring as well.

Conclusion of the article:

There is nothing wrong with being modern, although it can be challenging at times to make the right choices when we’re surrounded by so much information and stress while also being told we must not be ourselves.  This guide will help guide you to the right path: keep calm and have a sense of humor as modern life unfolds and unwind as much as possible, especially before adulthood.

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