Thargoid Technology Samples: A Bad Game Loop.

by Aaron Finch

What are thargoid technology samples?

According to the developers, it is a new game loop that puts you in the role of a ship captain. You start off your journey as captain and have to prove your worth, complete missions, and build up your fleet. The game also includes procedurally generated scenarios that keep you on your toes every time. Each new scenario can be played from scratch or from one of 10 preset scenarios in order to give players an idea of what to expect before deciding if they want to buy it.

Features of the game?

* Turn-based, sci-fi battles

* Procedurally generated scenarios

* Compelling story and characters

* Mini games

Everything that you expect from a space based title. It has trading, bounty hunting, exploration, and so much more. You can even upgrade your ships to be faster, stronger, or better at handling new technology upgrades that may come along the way. There’s even the ability to play with friends in an MMORPG style setting if you’re into that kind of thing.

I have to give this game a thumbs up. If it were released on my platform, I would definitely buy it. More independent games are really starting to pop up and I hope there will be more announcements of new titles in the near future. A lot of them are not very well made, but that’s not a problem if they’re free. It wouldn’t hurt to see some pixel art games too as they’re pretty entertaining.

Pros of the game:

– Awesome look

– Interesting story

– Procedural generation

– Multiplayer mode Cons: – Controls may not be intuitive for everyone

Cons of the game:

Maybe too hard for casual gamers. Intermittent connection issues. The most common complaint we get is that the game takes a very long time to load. We’re working on improving this. It can take a while to load the site as there are a lot of assets to be loaded. We ask that you please be patient and it will load eventually. Another common complaint is that it takes a very long time to get in game (or, for the game to start). This is true, especially for players who are using low-powered or older computers. For most computers however (even if they are old), it only takes about 10 minutes from landing on the planet until getting into the asteroids and into deep space.

How is this game played?

The game is controlled with a joystick and there are a variety of controls that you can choose from. The available options are:

– Moving

– Shooting

– Firing missile weapons

– Energy management (manage engines and shields)

Age limit of the game:

Since there is an option for multiplayer, the game does allow for all ages to play. The graphics are less cartoony and more realistic looking than some of the other online games which is a definite plus. Age range: 6 to 16 years – Type: Turn based SCI-fi – Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. 

How old you are doesn’t come into effect during gameplay. But, if you choose to play in-game, and you are below the age of 18, you can only play in a group with your guardian. Playing solo is recommended for younger players. The game requires a lot of interaction with other players and bots *but* only the player is affected by the events in-game. The game does have some controversial content (which has been posted on reddit) which can be turned off for those who do not wish to see it.

The thargoid technology samples give you control over your ship by using a joystick with 3 and 6 axes of movement depending on what you set it up as. It even has the ability to let you “drag” your shots so that it will be easier to hit your target and not miss by accident.

How can you find them?

While there is no guaranteed way of finding these scraps, the easiest way to locate them would be on planets where alien ships have been seen previously. These pieces can also be found on planets with a lot of surface settlements, although the latter is not guaranteed.

Near an active Thargons nest or areas where Thargoids are considerably strong. 

On rocky planet surfaces covered in ice, underground and in caves. Avoid searching for these scraps in populated human colonies – it may just be too difficult to locate them there. However, you will find them at abandoned settlements, such as those that are close to being reclaimed by the wilderness or empty military bases. Locations on planets: On planets (as mentioned before), they can be found at locations of some surface settlements and even inside of their bases (inside buildings).

Is this game worth playing?

Probably. The game is quite good – even though it has to be noted that it has been released only as a preview version. It is rather complete, but you may find some minor bugs or other negative issues here and there.

– Definitely yes – Thargoid technology scraps are usually obtained by exploring planet surfaces with your SRV. They can also be found in abandoned structures on planets rich in surface population, such as those with surface settlements and/or military bases, or near the crashed ships of what appear to be Thargoid scouts and/or interceptors.

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