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Teenage couples to old love birds 10 valentine gifts for all

A never-ending path to make our loved one happy is the longest one we walk in our lives. However tedious however tough we don’t stop rolling down the lane of love, even when we don’t tire complaining about almost everything about them. 

These fights soon start to dull as we dwell in the idea of foreverness and an eternal bond. Which we when we begin savouring these moments of love that we earlier were peculiar about. While we are at it, let’s talk a little about love. It has most certainly taken a drift from what it was earlier. From arranged marriages to love to teenagers hanging out together holding hands, we have experienced some unimaginable twists and turns in the past few decades. Well here we are celebrating love in all forms and ages, and with valentines coming up, it’s like we can see the love pouring down the sky just like that. 

So here are some gifts for valentine day for the newbies and the old love birds to enjoy their valentines day to the most and make new promises or relive their ones another glorious year.

Valentine’s day gifts for youngsters 

  • Cakes and flowers

Beginning your journey just now, it’s important that you begin with sweetness. Take for your Valentine a chocolate or red velvet cake with a bouquet of roses and maybe chocolates. 

  • Long drives 

Early on in the journey, you want to mark occasions by doing some outward things, and long drives are the perfect thing to go for. You get to spend some time together with the wind through your hair and hearts pounding with love.

  • Dinner date

A dinner date is yet another grand idea and one that you probably are planning. Go to a nice fancy restaurant that has the vibe of love. It does not necessarily have to be a lavish place, just something you can vibe with.

  • Shopping

If you and your partner are both shopaholics, then go on a shopping spree. Buy each other presents from clothes, shoes, phone covers, makeup, skincare or other essential wants and needs you may have. 

  • Couple photoshoot

Being young, you will probably be fond of clicking pictures in selfie mode, portrait and what not. Arrange a professional photoshoot for yourself and make the best out of those love-filled moments. 

The inspirational old couples valentines gift

  • A candle night dinner

Having lived a long life full of work and pressure, it’s after retirement that you realise how much you have to catch up on. For this have a candlelight dinner alone with food, drinks and sweet dishes. Keep the lights dim and the food hot and steamy. 

  • A well-planned tour

Plan a tour with a travel agent and go away for a few days. You can also take along other couples of your age that you are friends with. Make your kids make all the booking if you can’t, and if you are a young person reading this, you can surprise your parents by booking a trip for them. 

  • An outing to the old spot

You must have memories at local spots of your young life, take a tour to all those places and relive the moments. You may as well give one rose and one card to them at each spot, reminding them of what exactly happened. 

  • A proposal

Propose to your partner once again; we are sure married at that time you would have never got the idea or the chance to do it. Isn’t it? Go for it and do buy a gold or diamond ring to startle your partner. 

  • A romantic dance

Have you ever danced with your partner? There are limited chances for it. Right after your candlelight dinner go for a romantic dance, play some 90s music and live in the moment.


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Teenage couples to old love birds 10 valentine gifts for all

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