Seven Great Things Developers Did In Difficult Times

by Aaron Finch

The developers who’ve been most successful in the current economic climate aren’t necessarily those with the best ideas, but rather the ones who are able to deliver on solutions even though they lack their own time and resources , custom wordpress development services  “The developers who’ve been most successful in the current economic climate aren’t necessarily those with the best ideas, but rather the ones who are able to deliver on solutions even though they lack their own time and resources.” custom wordpress development services

One of the most important things for developers today is being able to deliver solutions when they are lacking their own time or resources. In this article we wanted to compile a list of seven fantastic examples from recent history where developers were able to succeed despite not having all that much going for them this past year. The more you can accomplish, even without your tools and environment, the better you’ll be positioned going forward.

Seven Great Things Developers Did In Difficult Times :

1. Kim Dotcom

Kim DotCom, who if you’re not aware of this name, is a major player in the Internet industry. He has a vast amount of money, resources and even respect from the community, yet he decided to develop an open source file sharing network called Mega. While it did indeed have some issues at first, it’s quickly become a viable way to share files online. 

Most impressively, Kim DotCom was able to get this new project up-and-running within a year, which is remarkable in and of itself given the amount of time developers generally have when they are working on their own projects.

2. The Firefox Community

The Firefox community was all but destroyed by the recent attacks that have occurred over the past few months. In one sense, this was the end goal of Anonymous, who had decided to attack sites that were associated with and other related websites by hacking their servers, destroying them and then making it appear that they had been attacked. However, it’s no secret that something like this would happen; it was a bit surprising when it actually did.

3. Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft made a decision to develop a new operating system called Windows 8 which has received a lot of criticism over the past year or so. While it’s true that Windows 8 has a number of issues, the fact that Microsoft was able to create it in just a few short years is impressive on its own. 

This makes it one of the fastest operating system development processes in history, which is even more impressive considering how many things are wrong with the end result and all of the potential legal issues that Microsoft could face over time.

4. First-World Developers

Some developers who live in certain parts of the world were lucky enough to receive free tickets to various conferences this past year. While this doesn’t affect everyone out there, if you received a free ticket because you live near some of these conferences your chances of success are significantly higher than those who live in other areas. This is just one way that developers are putting themselves in an advantageous position when it comes to the economy.

5. Apple

Apple was able to release its new OS, but it was a bit late in the process and it did seem like they hit a number of snags along the way. While Apple could also have done a better job with step-by-step information on how to upgrade to the new OS, this is one of those examples where developers had access (for free) to something that everyone wanted and there was no competition for it at present time.

6. iPods

Apple has been releasing new versions of its iPod and iTunes software for a number of years now. While there have been some issues from time to time, one thing that has remained consistent throughout is the way Apple releases all the updates within a very short period of time with no real competitors on the market for this hardware. 

This is another example where developers were given free access to something that everyone wanted, which made it easy for them to provide a quick upgrade path for their customers.

7. The MacBook Air/iPhone 5s

Apple products (and similar devices) are consistently among the most successful products in the industry each year and receive various awards as well. However, the MacBook Air and iPhone 5s have a combined success rate of over 90% within less than seven months and this is without competition. This shows that some developers have a better understanding of what customers want now and in the future than most others in the industry.

As you can see, some developers are able to succeed just by creating new products that people want regardless of how much competition is available at present time. Others also make use of their resources to create something new or even just existing software in an easier and more efficient way than their competitors can do it.

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