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by Radhe Gupta

Why are so many men dressing like a bum, or worse, a dork? It’s just not cool. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The trend of “dork” clothing has gone from the stereotypical, ill-fitting ’90s t-shirt to more modern, casual styles today. It’s not just that men are dressing this way anymore. There’s a lot of ’em.

Its not just that men are dressing this way. There are so many different types of men who dress this way that it baffles me. For example, there are guys who dress like a douchebag or a dick. Or there are guys who wear high-waisted jeans as the only type of pants they own, or there are guys who dress more like a guy who just graduated college and wants to look cool.

I’m not sure how you could argue that the only type of men who dress this way are douchebags. Because there are some douchebags who dress this way, and sometimes that’s just their way of dressing. It’s not really just a matter of being a douchebag, either. There are douchebags who dress this way who aren’t douchebags at all. They just dress this way because they can’t afford to be seen in their regular clothes.

I have not seen any other forum posts that have mentioned reddit frugal male fashion, so it’s possible that this one got lost in the shuffle. But, reddit is a great place to discuss the types of guys who dress like this. Sure, there are plenty of douchebag douchebags, but there are plenty of douchebag douchebags (and their friends) who dress this way too.

I found this discussion very interesting. I had to include it here because I’m one of the few people who has seen it, and because I can’t imagine that anyone else in the world would have the energy to read it. I wonder what I would look like if I were not a douchebag.

Here’s a suggestion: if you’re a douchebag, ditch your clothes. Ditch everything. Let those douchebags have their fun.

I would just put on a few layers of cloth and go play with my friends. I dont care about the rest of the world.I dont care if you’re the first to see this, so dont take it personally.

Im not one of those types of douchebags, but I do see that there are some people for whom fashion is a big part of their life. Some people dress like theyre the coolest person in the world. I have a friend who loves to dress in weird colors and shapes. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, which is the most liberal fashion capital on the planet.

Here’s a story that might explain this. In 1997, at a party, a guy tried to get at a girl by putting on a black, black belt with a black, black belt. The girl screamed and tried to run away. The guy with the black, black belt chased her down the street and beat the shit out of her. Apparently, because of this, the girl was arrested and charged with battery.

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