Master The Art Of Fashion With These 5 Tips

by Aaron Finch

As a fashionista, you’re constantly seeking new and exciting ways to dress. But there are some fundamentals that you should know before trying any new trend. 

The art of dressing has evolved in recent years but the fundamentals have been around since day one. 

Master these  five tips and your wardrobe is sure to never be boring.

1. Be true to your size:

Start with the basics, a good fitting and flattering piece is key to any look. But don’t be afraid to experiment.

 Keep your eyes open and always review new trends when you can, you never know what might catch your eye! Don’t be afraid to check out different brands as well, try on items from different brands and understand how they fit together. 

For example, new skinny jeans are a great way to show off your legs and make them look longer or wearing all black will make your figure look slimmer in comparison. 

You never want to walk around feeling uncomfortable as it will affect your look and confidence. 

Keep in mind that the size on the tag isn’t set in stone; a size 6 can differ from brand to brand. Always try things on and be sure they fit before you purchase them.

2. Save the sexy for evening:

You’ve heard it all before, the rule of thumb is less is more. Leave some things for after dark and always be conscious of what you are wearing during the day. 

The reason for saving it for the end of the day is so you don’t look too “sophisticated”, more like “over dressed”. 

Always make sure to wear clothes that fit you; if it’s too big there will look like you’re dressing up for a funeral and if it’s too small it will be a nightmare to try and fix as your body will continue to change as the day goes on. 

When trying a new trend always take into consideration your body type, figure and style.

3. Learn how to rock patterns:

Fashion trends come and go but one item always remains an essential – printed shirts. While the fashion industry is notorious for pushing the new, there are always those that stick to basics. 

Usually these are the items that will continue to look good over time and are easy to pair with anything and everything. Patterns work well in small doses or as an accentuation of a basic piece. 

The best way to achieve this is by layering them; a simple v-neck layered underneath a short sleeve shirt works wonders for creating a dramatic flair on top of your outfit.

4. Tailored is king:

Sometimes it’s best to keep things casual and simple, but sometimes you just want more from your clothes and that’s when tailored pieces can be useful. 

You can always go for a tailored jacket or a pair of well-fitted black jeans, both items are an essential. Always try on the item to make sure you’re getting the right size! You don’t want to be wearing something that doesn’t fit correctly and is too tight or too loose. 

Try some different styles on and see which works best for you.

5. Make your shoes a statement:

Fashion is all about aesthetics and what better way to improve your look than by having the perfect shoe on? If there’s one thing that will add some spice and drama to your outfit it’s a great shoe selection.

 The only problem is you need to be able to choose the right style and color that works with everything else in your closet.

There are many things you will have to consider when picking out a new pair of shoes, but there are some basics that you should keep in mind. 

First thing is size! Always make sure your shoes fit you, if they feel too tight or too big, then don’t buy them. Your feet should feel right and be ready for whatever life throws at them. 

If they don’t fit right, then they won’t last you long and can lead to pain and irritation as well as sores on top of it all. Make sure the size of your shoes will work with the rest of your outfit.

6. Don’t be afraid of color:

You’ve probably heard it all before, color can make or break your outfit. Black is the obvious choice when it comes to working with fashion and a dark colored wardrobe is good for everyone, as it’s easy to match with anything and goes well with any occasion you want.

 But if you’re looking for something lighter that will stand out then go for colors like red and purple, they always look great together.

 If you’re going to take on a new trend then try pairing colors together! It sounds strange but there are many colors that are easy on the eyes such as black and white, blue and yellow or even red and grey.

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