victoria secret fashion show 2018 performers

by Radhe Gupta

With the fashion world in a state of flux, designers are stepping out of the comfort zone to try new looks and styles. While it’s important to make a statement, there’s something about a dress and the person wearing it that elevates it from just a fashion statement into a form of self-conscious art.

To take an example, this winter I took a trip to the Fashion Week in New York and I was so excited to see the new spring looks from Victoria’s Secret.

Well, I’m not going to call it a fashion statement because I really like it, but I think I’ve seen the most creative and original looks this season from Victoria’s Secret. In fact, there was a point where I was planning to spend the weekend shopping, but then I realized it was Wednesday and I had to work from home. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to be able to get my weekend off to a great start.

I’m not sure if it was the creative looks or the sheer quantity of designs, but I think most people were loving the new styles and the fact that the store wasnt as crowded as it usually is. I only noticed when I entered the store. So thank you Victorias Secret, for the new fresh looks that are making my shopping more productive and enjoyable.

Thanks for keeping the shop clean and running smoothly, Victorias Secret. Your employees are awesome.

I did some shopping at Victorias Secret, and I was surprised at how clean everything was. The staff was professional, and they even let me bring my own drinks and snacks to the store. I also liked that they offer a wide variety of new styles. For example, I bought a dress I had totally forgotten I had in my closet. It’s quite a statement piece, and makes me want to buy another one, but I’m still not sure if I want it.

Victorias Secret is where I got my dress. It is a beautiful vintage piece, and I’m very glad that I bought it. If I had gotten it at a store which didn’t have it, I would have worn it to the dressmaker, but I can imagine how it would look on me as an adult.

That said, I did enjoy it, and would have liked it more if they had asked me to take it home. I think it would have been a bit more comfortable to hold it and wear it.

The dressmaker I speak of is actually a store called Vintage Fashion which is run by a lady named Michelle, who is a designer with a bit of a cult following online. Her creations are a bit on the frilly side, but they are definitely wearable. She does have a few ideas for dresses that she makes for her customers, but she is also happy to put them up on her website. You can see one of her designs here.

Michelle would be the person at the center of the fashion show, not the dressmaker. She would be the one who would be dressed up in the dress she had made for the event. I think the dressmaker would have been wearing a suit, but I don’t think they would have been holding it.

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