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by Radhe Gupta

To be truthful, the majority of my time is spent outside of the fashion industry. I am a self-taught photographer, which means that I am more than just an average photographer; I am a self-taught fashion photographer. I have been photographing people, and animals, for years, but it was only in the last few years that I began putting my creativity to the test.

This might sound like a little bit of an odd question, but did you know that fashion photography is also an art? Or at least an artistic form? Well, yes, it is. Fashion photography is actually a kind of art form, so I guess I can say that it is an art that is distinct from a purely artistic form.

I’ve been shooting people for a long time. In fact, I’ve been shooting people for so long that there’s a pretty good chance that I’ve actually done the shooting myself. As someone who has been photographing people for so long, it’s easy to get caught up in some kind of obsessive desire to achieve perfection. But that’s not what I am about.

The problem is that many photographers get consumed with getting their work perfect. But it is not the same as a love of art, because when photographing people you have to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are photographing and imagine how they are feeling. You have to imagine that the person you are photographing is probably going through a very difficult time right now. You have to imagine that you are photographing a person who is on their way to a hospital.

When I say that I am a fashion photographer, I mean that. I have been photographing people for about as long as I have been living. I’ve been taking pictures of them for a long time because I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. So when I see pictures of people who have been to a hospital and are looking at a painting that is done by another photographer or a designer, I feel like I can’t help but be inspired.

In my experience, the most successful fashion photographers are the ones who know what they are doing. I feel like that’s what you should strive to be. You should know how to do the job you are doing and feel that it is an art form. You should know what you are doing, and have a sense of professionalism that others can get excited about.

This makes sense. I guess the last time I saw a fashion photographer was my senior year of high school when I had a fashion show for my school. I had absolutely no clue how to shoot a fashion show, and I had no idea who the models were, so I was pretty nervous when I walked up to the runway. The models were all beautiful, but I thought that was all because of the fact that I had just come from a huge fashion show.

I was so nervous I could barely walk to my table when I walked up to the runway and realized I had forgotten how to shoot a fashion show. I was sure that I would be humiliated by everyone at the show, and I was terrified that I would be so humiliated by everyone that I would fail a journalism class at school.

You can’t forget how to do a fashion show, because you don’t make a fashion show. You can’t forget how to make a fashion show because you don’t make a fashion show. It’s just not in your nature to want to be a fashion photographer.

This is the problem with fashion photography, it is in your nature to just shoot whatever is in front of you. And you will fail a fashion photography class unless you use a little bit of “halo effect” to put people in a good light. That said, everyone is doing it today. I’m a photographer, and I’m not doing it to be a fashion photographer. It’s because I want to be a fashion photographer.

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