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by Radhe Gupta

Japan has been a leader in the fashion industry for years. This is no surprise. The country is also known for its incredibly high quality of clothing that is available in every color and cut imaginable.

A good way to explain the differences between Japanese and American fashion is to look at the differences between what is considered “high end” clothing and what is considered “low end” clothing. Basically, high end clothing has a few more expensive stitches and more intricate details like buttons and zippers. And low end clothing is cheaper but contains a lot less design.

It turns out Japan is as obsessed with fashion as the US, and just like the US, Japan’s high end clothing is the same high end clothing. The most expensive items in Japan are the same high end clothing as the most expensive items in the US. That said, there is a pretty big difference in quality between high end Japanese clothing and low end American clothing. In Japan, fashion blogs are more of a way for high end models to show off their fabulous bodies.

Here, I think I speak for the majority of readers when I say that Japanese fashion blogs are the best fashion blogs. I get hundreds, if not thousands of emails a day from people interested in buying high end Japanese clothing, and the most popular ones are usually those with the most interesting designs. The fact that any of these blogs have ‘high end’ in their name is usually just a matter of convenience for the designers/writers.

To show you just how popular these blogs are, here’s a list of some of the best ones I’ve seen so far.

In addition to the usual blogger, there are also Japanese fashion blogs that only sell fashion, or that are only one person’s personal favorite. For instance, the most popular blog of this kind is called “Fashioning the Fashion”. This is a very different blog than the usual fashion blog, one that focuses on making money from selling high end Japanese fashion on the internet.

This is a blog that focuses on making money from selling high end Japanese fashion on the internet.

One of their blog’s other big posts is called “How to Find Designer Clothing”. I’ve noticed that their posts tend to focus on the latest fashion trends, their favorite Japanese labels, and their favorites designers. Some posts are also about celebrity fashion, but I’m not really sure about that. The blog also has very good tips on how to get a job in fashion, what to do before you start a fashion blog, and how to stay in the business.

I really enjoy this blog because it covers a lot of the same ground as our own blog, but with a little less fluff. It seems to be a fun and interesting read for the fashion blogger.

Fashion blogs are usually the best blogs for fashion and style news, but this is a cool one, too, because it has a lot of Japanese design blogs, and a lot of fashion blogs on the west coast. While it is about Japanese design blogs, it is not about Japanese fashion blogs, so I’m not sure if that counts against it.

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