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I love fashion, I just love fashion. I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of it. I’m always on the look out for new fashion trends, but I usually stick to what I already have. The last year or so have been so busy that I’ve rarely done any shopping. Just the other day I picked up an old pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes.

It seems like the trend in fashion in the last year or so is to go for a more casual, more laid back style. That might sound like a bad thing, but I think it is pretty cool. I mean, I love to dress up, but there are so many styles out there that I can probably only wear a handful of the styles I own. It’s like the old adage “you can’t have everything, but you can have a little bit”.

For me personally, I love to dress up a little every now and again. Its not that I think it’s bad, I just think I could be more creative and I just feel like I can’t go out and buy all the trendy fashion I want. It’s so hard to buy every trendy shoe and dress that I see to get into style. But its fun to do, so I’ve got to do it.

It’s easier said than done though. I mean, I know there are tons of awesome fashion blogs out there, but they’re often so busy that they don’t have time to do what I want them to do. Which is why I think it’s important to have a few style blog posts that you and your style blog readers can check out and really do some research on.

In a recent article in Mashable, “9 things to do with your money before you die,” writer Sarah Stegall points to this as a way to save money during your final days. “If you don’t spend, you’ll probably want to spend less.

That article also includes this quote: “Once people understand that they are going to be dead, they’ll want to save money,” Stegall said. “I’ve seen it in the movies. The last scene in The Sixth Sense, where the main character, played by Bruce Willis, says ‘I’ll be back,’ and then he leaves. But he doesn’t spend.

I love the idea of saving money, but I don’t think that it’s always a good idea. On my own website I have a small amount of money in some savings accounts, but the majority goes into the company 401K. I try to keep a minimum amount in each account so I can always have a cushion if I do run out of money.

I love what Stegall is trying to tell us about saving money. I even have a blog to help me do it. You can see all my posts at But I know that I’m not always going to have the money for it. I’ll probably try to get more money from family, but it’s always going to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to money.

I know this is a tough one. I’m in a similar situation to Stegall, except the amount I save is much less. I use my 401k at work to cover my expenses, but I also have a set amount of money I can put in a different retirement account. I’m not rich by any means, but its not much of a stretch to say I’m spending more than I used to. I use that money for things like buying clothes or getting a new tv.

The point is that while we buy new clothes, the amount we save is quite small. We have no savings at all, because all the money we save is put into our retirement accounts. It’s a little hard to believe that because the amount we save and the amount we spend on stuff are so similar, but it’s almost like we’re getting more stuff from our 401k than from our savings.

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