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Fall 2015 is the season where menswear really starts to explode. There is such a wide array of styles and trends right now. These are the mens clothing trends that I am obsessed with. It is the year of the black and silver, men’s trousers, shorts, and dresses.

This season is also the year of the “chic” look. From high-waisted jeans to button-down shirts, these are the things that are going to really get your money’s worth.

I am not saying that I don’t like the trends that you guys see on your blogs. But I am saying that there is a trend in mens fashion that I am totally obsessed with. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can say that it is the trend toward button-downs and khakis.

I actually found this trend in a video on the fashion website StyleBrief.com. The clip showed a male model in the latest iteration of a pair of pants. He was wearing a button-down, khakis, and a pair of khaki striped sandals, and had a slightly funky shirt with a button down collar and a very small pocket on the front.

The clip was about a month old when I saw it and I still have not recovered from it. I really do not understand why the trend toward button-down khakis is so prevalent in the menswear world. They are usually so tight they look like underwear, and the khakis are so short they look like shorts. There is something wrong with the way button-downs are worn and how long the khakis are.

I agree with the point that khakis are not meant to be worn for a casual look. Button downs just aren’t comfortable for long periods of time. But the khakis are cool. They are comfortable and flattering, so I’ve worn them a lot. And I don’t like the trend toward button-down khakis. I’m not saying it’s bad. I love them. I just think they look weird and uncomfortable. But they are definitely not new.

In the past Ive seen khakis used for a few different looks. So I’m not really sure of the exact fashion trend, but I know its not one of my favorites.

khakis are a classic fall fashion that can be worn to any occasion. But this is a recent trend and its probably not yet a traditional fashion. But it is a very recent one.

I don’t think khakis are coming back. I don’t think its a trend that will really take off, but I do think its a style that will be on the back burner for quite a while. The khakis that are currently on the market are really uncomfortable so I think its hard to keep wearing them unless it is to travel or for a night out. I think it will be a while before we see khakis again though.

That’s a good point. Khakis are a very old and classic style, but they’ve become really uncomfortable with time. I think it will be another long while before we see a new trend like khakis again.

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