1870’s fashion

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These photographs are my favorite way to remember the era that was. The first photograph I ever saw was a print from the 1900’s that was hung in my grandmother’s home. It was of a woman in a Victorian dress holding flowers and a bouquet of flowers. She was surrounded by floral arrangement that was just so beautiful. The picture brought back so many happy memories.

At the time, Victorian dresses were the norm, and these dresses were far from everyday. The way the dress was worn was also very different. Some Victorian dresses were very simple, with long sleeves and simple bodices. Others, like this one, were much more formal, with high sleeves, elaborate braids, and elaborate skirts.

What’s interesting to look at in this picture is the amount of embroidery. The flowers are embroidered, the bouquet has floral trim, and the dress has floral prints all over it. This is just one of countless examples of Victorian fashion that are so fascinating and beautiful. The Victorian era lasted from 1837 to1887, and it was during this time that everything from dresses to hairstyles was a new beginning.

The Victorian era was also the era of a lot of women who were either widowed or single. Many of their husbands had died, or went missing, or were in prison. Many women were married to men who had died, and they were left to live as a single, unwed woman with no family or family responsibilities. They were also expected to dress in a way that was considered appropriate for a single woman.

The fashion of the Victorian Era is full of all of these things. It is full of dresses, hats, and petticoats. It is full of makeup, which was often done by women.

These dresses, hats, and petticoats were meant to make women feel more feminine and therefore more desirable as lovers, husbands, and wives. They came in all shapes and sizes, from full length gowns to corsets. They were often embellished with rhinestones.

Today women can wear many more ways to express themselves. Just because a woman’s dress is made out of lace does not mean she can’t also wear a shirt, blouse, or dress. It’s important to note that while some women have a strong sense of femininity, others are more comfortable dressing as men would.

If you look at the style of the early 1800’s, women were very pretty. They wore elaborate gowns, elaborate makeup, and beautiful jewelry. They were also very confident in their appearance. They dressed to impress, not just to please. And if you look around the world today, you will see that many women are not as confident as they once were.

This is another topic that is becoming increasingly important for the future of fashion. Technology is changing our personal fashion choices and our wardrobe. In the past, women had to be very careful about what they wore, and how they dressed. Now, technology has made this much easier, and what we wear today is far more likely to be seen by more people and thus more likely to be worn by more people.

This is a very good point. Since clothes are now easily portable, people can have more clothes from more places. This can allow for more variety in fashion, which is good because variety is very important.

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