5 Ways To Make Money On Different Social Media Platforms

by Aleena

Social media is not only for building meaningful connections or enjoyment. It is a potential goldmine for many businesses and individuals. Everyone these days is glued to their mobile screens and uses different social networking websites. This makes it easier for businesses to reach out to their potential customers easily. But businesses are not only limited to this huge untapped advantage. Individuals can also start making money on social media with a little bit of effort.

Here are some clever ways you can money leveraging different social media platforms.

1. Partner Program On Youtube:
Youtube gives individuals the most ROI than any other platform out there. But it also requires a lot of effort. Start by creating a Youtube channel. Pick out a niche of your liking and start creating and promoting relevant high-quality content on it. Your goal should be to meet the requirements of the Youtube Partner Program.
Although you don’t have to be affiliated with the partner program to start earning money on Youtube, it makes the process a whole lot easier. Just having an Adsense account integrated with Youtube is enough to cash in some or a lot of bucks (depending on your channel). You can also become an influencer on Youtube and do product promotion for other businesses. There are many ways you can earn money on Youtube. You just have to get started with what you are passionate about!

2. Influencer Marketing On Instagram
Instagram started just as a photo-sharing application and now has become one of the largest social media platforms out there. You might think that only babies are interested in visuals – think again! Content that is all text and no visual is boring to babies but also adults! Visuals are what drove Instagrams’ success.
Instagram is a platform that is growing at an alarming rate for the past six years and there’s no sign of it slowing down. This success of the social media giant is seen by many influencers who’ve transformed their craze into the business. This means you too can make money on this social media platform.

Instagram obsessed users with millions of followers allow businesses to promote their products.  Influencer marketing is a lucrative business in which influencers earn by promoting other businesses’ products or services. But before you set yourself up to become an influencer, pick a niche and stay with it. Make compelling and visual content that engages your audience. Be careful not to be seen as superficial. Start by making meaningful connections with your followers. Chances are that some businesses in your niche will approach you to be their influencer – Jackpot!

3. Monetization On Facebook
Over 1.5 billion users visit Facebook every day. This brings a huge potential for marketing and advertising to the platform. Whether you’re an influencer, business, or an ordinary person, Facebook brings you endless opportunities for making money on it. The best thing about Facebook is that its audience belongs to different age groups. This provides a huge untapped market for all kinds of businesses.
The easiest way to earn money from Facebook as an individual is by creating a Facebook page and get Facebook monetization. The pattern to get started is the same as other platforms; pick a niche, create high-quality content, promote it, and wait for the traffic to come. Apart from monetization, you can also use this page to do influencer marketing as influencer marketing is possible in any platform that has high traffic.

4. Sponsored Tweets On Twitter
Twitter is a platform used by millions to voice their opinions on various topics. But it doesn’t mean it’s not ripe for making money. You can make money easily using sponsored posts. But before that, you need to have a solid presence on the platform. Start building your connections by posting relevant and problem-solving content. Once you have a huge following, leverage those followers, and send out sponsored tweets. This in a way is influencer marketing. You are giving a shoutout to other businesses with your tweet.
You can also register yourself on platforms like SponsoredTweets that connects influencers with businesses. These platforms provide a secure way of patching up with businesses that want to promote their services. You can also promote affiliate products on Twitter.

5. Networking Groups On Linkedin
Linkedin is a professional networking place where many high-end deals are done. It provides a golden opportunity to network with thousands of people in your industry. Advertisements and promotions don’t work well on Linkedin because of the platforms’ nature. Linkedin doesn’t provide many monetization opportunities but the value it provides in terms of connections far exceeds that. Try to make meaningful connections on Linkedin in your industry. If you see someone that needs services, drop them a DM. If you’re product or services are good enough, you can easily land clients using Linkedin –and clients equal money!

Botton Line
Social media is the easiest way for casual media enthusiasts to earn money. It is easily accessible to almost everyone with the internet. It has the potential to become your full-time side gig. Many social media influencers are earning thousands of dollars just by promoting the products and services of businesses. If becoming influencers seems hard then you can always join an affiliate network to promote products on different social media channels. The possibilities for not only business but also individuals are endless. You just have to get figure out which social media platform works best for you!

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