Here are five Ways to Sparkle Up Your Home

by Yash

Do you sometimes feel that your living space is not done well even after spending hours together to beautify it? Do you still feel you have missed some things to make it look perfect? If your answer to these questions is yes then you just need a touch of sparkle in your space to make it look perfectly elegant and add attention-grabbing qualities.

Choosing an amazing paint colour combination for the walls, rearranging the whole set-up of the house, upgrading the furniture are some of the things we all do to enhance the beauty of our homes. However, despite doing all this we feel that something is missing and there is a need for a sparkle to the whole arrangement. The word sparkle takes our attention to the lighting décor that can be used to glamorize our homes.

Ideas to Add That Sparkle

We all know that lights dispel the darkness but it also adds sparkling beauty to our living area giving the room a sense of warmth and a cosy feeling. The below-mentioned ideas will enable you to give your house a touch of sparkle throughout your space – 

Ambient Light source – Candles are the most picturesque accessory that adds a dressed-up look to your home when placed on tall stands or when kept in clusters. You can add your creativity by placing candles in glass lanterns to give a vintage look to your living area. You can select the aroma candles that serve the double purpose of sparkling the area and also spreading the pleasant aroma.

When hosting dinner parties or celebrating some special occasions, candles are great accessories that you can place on the dining table to make the meal more special and delightful.

Usage of mirrors in the right way – Mirrors are those amazing pieces of décor that can be used to give a whole new look to the entire area. It works well especially for smaller spaces creating an illusion and making them look big. It also helps in brightening up the room when positioned near a window either adjacent or opposite to it which in turn helps in reflecting the natural light inside the home. 

You can also create your gallery on a wall by placing styling different size mirrors on them and transforming the entire appeal of the room.

Chandelier – These are the great statement pieces that help in transforming the rooms giving them a touch of a sophisticated look. For a dramatic look, you can dim the other lights so that the lights from the chandelier get the attention and also display colourful lights making the room look glamorous.

Table Lamp – Table lamps are not just used to study but are a part of the home décor that sets a great ambience of the room. There are wonderful designs of lamps that you can find and you can pick up the one that matches up best with the décor of your room. 

You are free to use multiple lamps in a room to create a perfectly chic look and also to brighten up the area making it look gorgeous. 

These are some of the ways which you can use to take the décor of your home to the next level and let it sparkle and make you shine along with it. 

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