Career Opportunities in Real Estate Business

by Aaron Finch

Why Real Estate?

A recent study published by the National Association of Realtors has revealed that real estate was one of the fastest growing industries in 2016. As a result, there are now over 29 million new homeowners in America! It’s estimated that 86% of adults will be homeowners by 2025. 

These numbers show an increase in the need for qualified people to manage, develop, and sell property. There are countless career opportunities for those who excel at real estate-related tasks such as appraising properties, working as a broker or property manager, or even investing in properties themselves.

Our world revolves around technology, and as such, homebuyers have so many online tools and resources at their disposal. With tools such as home affordability calculators and digital document signing, and apps like Zillow, it can be hard to tell if a homebuyer really needs outside help at all. However, the truth of the matter is that buying a home can be an intimidating process, so any outside help is always going to be in high demand.

Here Fabulous Story is an article about the best career opportunities in real estate.

Best Career Opportunities in Real Estate Business :

1. Real Estate Appraiser

The value of a piece of property has a direct impact on the amount of money you will make and in turn, the potentially high return on your investments. That’s why real estate appraisers play such an important role in evaluating properties.

 They must be able to detect exterior issues such as termite, mold, and structural damage while inspecting interiors including bathrooms and kitchens to determine the value of a home.

2. Property Manager or Broker

Real estate is an ever-growing industry that’s constantly growing. If you can stand the pressure from households looking for property, then you’re ready for any management position within the real estate field. 

There’s a big difference between a real estate broker and property manager. A broker works for the buyer, selling or buying properties for them. A manager on the other hand has less responsibility and works for only one landlord.

3. Home-Buying Specialist

As a home-buying specialist, you will advise individuals or families in purchasing their ideal home whether it’s new or used. As an advocate, you’ll be responsible for spotting flaws in homes such as structural damage and inappropriate wiring before you let your client make any substantial investments. 

You will also assist clients throughout the home buying process including arranging mortgage loans and even closing the sale of your client’s home!

4. Appraisal Assistant

As an appraisal assistant, you will work under a certified appraiser to provide support and even perform some of the actual appraisals. You will be working with the public on a more in-depth level such as looking for properties to appraise and assisting clients who have already been through the process.

 This role is ideal for those who are just starting out in real estate or even those who wish to enter real estate but don’t have a degree.

5. Real Estate Legal Counselor

Real estate legal counseling is one of the most competitive areas in the field of real estate. You’ll have to compete with other graduates who are equipped with degrees from law schools and experience in law firms. 

You’ll be responsible for providing counsel and defending real estate agencies, corporations, banks, and individuals against legal disputes such as eviction cases. The salary for this role is much higher than many other entry-level roles in the field of real estate at around $159,900 per year!

6. Real Estate Sales Agent

Many people dream of making a living by selling properties but the sad reality is that there are a lot of them still trying to figure out how to start their own business because they don’t have the necessary knowledge and training. 

If you are one of those individuals then it’s time to get serious, develop a strong network and start your own business! You can literally work from anywhere and start your own business right away.

7. Commercial Real Estate Investor

The stock market is always changing, and so are the real estate markets. As a real estate investor, you will have the opportunity to make substantial profits by investing in properties which can be anything from commercial buildings to apartment complexes, you name it! 

One of the biggest advantages of this career path is that they have a lot less administrative tasks than many other businesses. Instead of managing employees or trying to find new clients, you will be doing all of that yourself.

8. Social/Special Needs Real Estate Agent

A few years ago, people used to think of real estate as just being for the wealthy. The truth is that these days, so many new businesses have evolved that offer competitive salaries and benefits to their employees. 

One of them is the social/special needs real estate agent who will help buyers and sellers in finding a home which may not be able to meet their needs. These types of agents are in high demand because they’re sought after by so many home-seeking individuals!

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