Best Lehenga Fabrics for Summer Weddings

by Ethan More

When it comes to selecting wedding lehengas, there is no dearth of options in the market. With designers, launching new collections almost 4 times a year it’s definitely hard to keep up with the trend.  Having too many options can leave you either too confused between a few of your loved choices or you end up liking none and looking for something that’s not seen before. To begin with & narrow down your wedding lehenga search, the best approach to follow in selecting the fabric based on the month of the wedding. Though summers in India are typically from April to June, we all know it starts getting hot by March and up to October. So here’s the list of Best Lehenga Fabrics for Summers Weddings in India.

  1. Chiffon  

Chiffon is the best fabric for summers, it’s lightweight, and elegance can be dyed in so many colours that you can easily get it in your choice of colours.  What makes it ideal is that it is almost weightless. The fabric is transparent and the lehenga does have multiple layers of the fabric yet it’s super flowy and breathable.

  1. Organza 

Lately, organza has been everyone’s darling.  Lehengas, dupattas, sarees, and suits you will find organza ruling in every segment. Organza is stiffer than the chiffon; since it is weaved from silk it has a silky feel to it.  Organza is a very popular fabric for weddings since it has a shimmery effect and it’s flowy but a lot more structured than chiffon. Organza fabric is very breathable since it has very tiny holes that allow the air to pass through with ease.

  1. Georgette

Georgette is kind of an all-climate fabric it’s loved by women worldwide.  Georgette fabric comes in many variations such as Jacquard Georgette, Satin Georgette, and Stretch Georgette & Poly Georgette. Georgette is a lightweight fabric and hence can be dyed and printed in multiple colours and patterns. It’s not very sheer like the chiffon and organza and it is stronger and more durable. Georgette holds embroidery very well and if you are looking for something fluidic, you can opt for Satin Georgette.

  1. Crepe

Rich in texture and the luxury of silk sheen, crepe is one such fabric.  Crepe is made from fabrics like silk, polyester, cotton georgette and wool.  Crepe silk wedding lehengas are most popular among Indian Brides as they come in beautiful embroidered and have the sheen of silk-making them look luxurious. Considering summers, crepe georgette is more lightweight and breathable, but depending on the season and the temperature, one can opt for any of the two.

The two fabrics that you must avoid in hot and humid weather are silk and velvet. No brainer velvet is for warmer days since it helps to keep you warm. Silk no doubt is a charm but since it absorbs heat, it can make you sweat.  It’s definitely the last thing you want at your wedding. Choose a fabric that makes you feel the most comfortable since gone are the days when brides were all shy, now brides enjoy their wedding and be themselves at their very best. Happy wedding planning, hope you find the bridal lehenga of your dreams soon.

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