Best Eco-friendly Products to Keep Your Home Hygienic

by Ethan More

Whether you clean your house once a month or bimonthly, you can be sure of ending up with numerous plastic bags and disposables that will make their way to the dumping ground. It won’t be an actual exaggeration to say that single-use plastic consumption has gone beyond peoples’ control. Every year tons of plastic and other harmful waste make their way to landfills, harming the environment and its surrounding. 

Plastic scrubbers, single-use plastic food storage containers, chemical-laden kitchen wipes, and toxic kitchen cleaners are some items we use to keep our house clean but forget to evaluate their environmental effect after disposal. We have some amazing news if you want to keep your house clean while taking care of the environment. You can now take care of both by using eco-friendly products.

If you’re new to green and organic house cleaning products, check out the list shared below. It has all the required essentials to keep your house hygienic without polluting the environment. So let’s quickly jump to the eco-friendly products list shared below.   

Herbal Dishwasher

We all would agree that dirty utensils, glasses, and other dishes can be a breeding ground for germs and other harmful microbes. If left unattended, they can become a leading cause of infection in your house. People use harsh dishwashers to eliminate bacteria, germs, and other microbes, but the result may not always be positive. 

Using dishwashers made with harsh chemicals can often stick to the dishes, eventually making their way to your body. They can also cause potential damage to the environment if their toxic liquid reaches the landfill. Hence, the best option to protect your family member’s health and the environment is by switching to a 100% organic yet effective dishwasher. It will ensure your dishes are squeaky clean and germ-free all the time.  

Biodegradable Scrubbers

No matter how premium quality scrubber you purchase, it cannot last long. Scrubbers have a relatively less lifespan. So if you rely heavily on plastic scrubbers to clean your dishes or specific house areas, you are throwing away more plastic on the dumping ground, contributing to environmental damage. 

Switching to biodegradable scrubbers is a better option to keep your house and dishes clean organically. These scrubs are less wasteful and are made using cotton strips, dried corn cobs, etc. These scrubs are not too rough but do an excellent cleaning job. They are also light on the environment. 

Kitchen Cleaner

A kitchen is an essential house space where you store and place all your food items. If you’ve been using harmful kitchen cleaners laden with toxic chemicals, chances are less that you’re helping yourself or the environment. Unhygienic kitchens can contribute to infections, allergies, and other health hazards.

As a responsible homeowner, you should ensure a squeaky clean kitchen without employing cleaners that harm the environment and surroundings. Fortunately, you can do this by using an herbal kitchen cleaner. Eco-friendly cleaners are excellent at repelling houseflies, fruit flies, germs, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. Since organic cleaners are made using 100% natural products, they are safe for your family, house, and the environment.

Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag

People generally store food items in plastic storage bags that are not too convenient to clean and reuse. They also harm the environment. Silicone reusable food storage bags can be helpful if you carry out lunches and snack items for your office or prefer to store the leftovers in the fridge for later consumption. 

If you care for the planet as much as you do for your house, consider switching to silicone reusable food storage bags. These bags can help you keep your kitchen countertops clean and secure food from any contamination. Single-use plastic food storage bags can make the environment suffer in the long run. 

Bamboo Dish Cloth & Kitchen Wipes

Not many know this, but microfiber dishcloths are nothing but non-recyclable microplastics. They don’t last long and ultimately find their way to dumping grounds. A significant amount of non-recyclable microplastics will only negatively affect the environment and its surrounding. Now is the best time to change if you’ve been using these to clean surfaces.

You can replace microfiber dish cloths and kitchen wipes with bamboo dish cloths and wipes. These are easily recyclable and offer the best cleaning experience. They even last longer than the traditional microfiber wipes and dish clothes. Another impressive characteristic of these eco-friendly dish cloth and wipes is they’re easy to clean.

Taking Care of Your House & Environment Just Got Easier

The market offers various eco-friendly items to help keep your houses squeaky clean and hygienic; we just have to make the right choices. Your right decision can help you maintain a clean house while ensuring the environment doesn’t have to bear any consequences. You can start by replacing your regular house cleaning items with the options discussed above and contribute towards making the earth a better planet. 


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