Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Tea

by Aaron Finch

More than 2.3 billion cups of tea are consumed each day, making it the most popular drink in the world. This is a beverage with ancient roots and a rich culture, but so many miss out on the full experience because they don’t know how to make it properly. If you’re one of those people who has been longing to learn some genuine tea wisdom, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the tips I’ve learned over the years that will be sure to leave your teas tasting their best. Know everything about automatic tea brewer.

1. Preparing a Tea Basket

Wrapping your tea loose leaves in a basket is a great way to keep them away from dust and contaminants that can ruin their flavor. When storing these leaves for an extended period, however, it’s important to take extra precautions so as not to expose them to all sorts of damaging environments. My method is to place several layers of cheesecloth inside the basket and then fill it with tea leaves. This is a great way to keep your tea fresh for months at a time.

2. Only Brew Tea Leaves 3 Times in a Row

Many people don’t realize that overbrewing can actually break down the flavor and mellowness of these leaves, turning them bitter and awful. While there are just as many who would argue that this is completely false, they are missing the point that the number of times you brew tea leaves has a direct correlation to its potency and quality. If you only want one strong cup of tea each morning, then you should stick to no more than three brewing cycles.

3. Keep Your Tea Leaves Away from Light

This is absolutely essential to maintaining their flavor and quality. The complete reason why most people don’t enjoy tea is because they are brewing the leaves with a light source nearby. Exposure to UV light alters the color of these leaves, meaning that you will never be able to appreciate their true taste and aroma. If you want to ensure that you’re enjoying your brew properly, then keep them away from any form of illumination.

4. Drink Your Tea Within a Certain Amount of Time

Even if your tea leaves are fresh and properly prepared, they will not retain their flavor after sitting on your shelf for too long. This is why every tea connoisseur recommends drinking them within a week of purchasing them. Fresh leaves contain fragrances that are only released when they are brewed, so you will never be able to enjoy their full flavor if you wait too long.

5. Don’t Keep a Tea Leaf in Your Cupboard

Many people keep their loose leaf teas on the shelf while they wait for the kettle to heat up, and this is a really bad idea. The reason why this is bad is because they will absorb smells and flavors from other items stored nearby, causing your brew to taste different each time you try it. To prevent this, it’s always a good idea to keep them in their own container away from other teas and foods.

6. Only Brew Tea Leaves with a Strong Enough Taste

If you want to enjoy your tea in the best way possible, then don’t go overboard when brewing it. You don’t use coffee or espresso beans because they are too strong; you use them because they allow you to make better drinks than if you were using weaker ingredients. As far as tea is concerned, strong brews tend to produce the most desirable flavors. That’s why I only use teas that have a strong taste of their own that compliment the beverage I’m making.

7. Drink Your Tea While It’s Fresh

This is a no-brainer, but many people make the mistake of freezing their tea leaves and then letting them sit in the freezer for months at a time. While this will allow you to save your leaves for later use, you will not be able to enjoy their full flavor when you finally thaw them out. The strong smell and taste that you enjoyed while they were still fresh will have deteriorated over time, resulting in an inferior tasting beverage. To get the most out of your loose leaf teas, always drink them while they are still fresh.

8. Don’t Use Longer Brewing Times

Many people believe that they ought to use a much longer brewing time than what the recipe actually calls for. This is often done because many of these readers have the mistaken notion that a longer brew time will produce a more flavorful and mellow tea. In reality, however, it’s not true at all. While you may be able to produce a stronger, more potent drink with this method, the tea will always taste inferior to its full flavor. The best way to enjoy your tea is by using nothing more than the recipes that are written out in detail and using them as instructed.


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