5 Vehicle Tracking Advancements You Need to Consider

by Ethan More
GPS Tracking

There were days when drivers used to make a call whenever they made a stop. Currently, that is not the case due to advancements in technology that have brought about vehicle trackers. Vehicle tracking advancements have led to higher excellence standards which improve fleet efficiency. Even though there exist many fleet tracking advancements that contribute to operational improvements, there are popular ones. Here are five vehicle tracking advancements that you ought to consider.

1. Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracker helps you to manage your vehicles more efficiently and also increases the company’s profits. GPS trackers also help vehicle protection since it offers documented information regarding the state of your vehicles. This tracking technology also offers you real-time updates on the vehicle’s location and who is operating it. You may also consider uploading custom or standard maps which offer geographic coverage. You may also set alerts for fleet maintenance schedules. By incorporating preventative maintenance, you minimize the likelihood of repairs, and this saves you some cash.

GPS tracking will enable you to monitor and get reports regarding the following:

• Speed zone alerts

• Speed

• Engine idle time

• Ignition status

• Direction of travel

• Hours of activity

• Specific area being serviced

2.  Predictive Weather Tracking

The delivery time or the movement of your vehicles can be affected by the weather. As a vehicle fleet manager, you need to be aware of critical weather conditions such as hail, black ice, heavy rain, and tornados. The good news is that technological advancements brought about vehicle tracking software can anticipate critical weather conditions. This will enable you to reroute your drivers or cancel trips to keep vehicles, cargo, and employees safe.

3. Mobile Fleet Tracking

Working remotely is still new to most individuals, especially fleet managers who have their teams spread across the region or country. Currently, most companies have realized how profitable remote vehicle management is, particularly when using mobile tracking.

Mobile tracking helps you keep track of the drivers and vehicles even though you are not in front of the computer. What you need is a fleet tracking application, and you will be able to monitor the location of your vehicles. You will not have to worry that you are traveling or away from the office since mobile tracking technology has taken care of that.

4. Dash-Cam Video

Dash-cam is mainly associated with the safety of the public or your drivers. Consider this tracking advancement since you can get valuable evidence to protect the vehicles against false claims in accidents or insurance fraud. The video technology can also enable you to record the habits of the drivers while on the road.

You might discover things like distracted driving or fatigue, which require some coaching. By identifying these behaviors, you will minimize the chances of accidents. Accidents cause high expenses due to vehicle repairs, insurance, damaged assets, loss of lives, and high worker compensation premium. This video will also reduce theft cases since you have video records that can help vehicle recovery on top of GPS tracking data.

5. GPS Data Analysis and Evaluation

The advanced GPS tracker software enables you to evaluate and assess the vehicle engine performance and operation data. This will help you to schedule repairs or address any noticeable issues before a critical breakdown occurs. On top of that, you will improve productivity, efficiency, driver safety and minimize fuel expenses since the vehicle’s condition is top-notch. You will also realize a decrease in customer service complaints and insurance premiums.


Discussed above are some of the vehicle tracking advancements that every fleet manager should consider. The above tracking technologies aim to help you run the business more economically and efficiently. It is important to note that a stand-alone solution or GPS package can help you manage one or a dozen vehicles. Tracking equipment is now accessible to even small businesses since the innovations and advancements result in reduced prices. Get a GPS package today and enjoy minimal car repairs, maintenance costs, and flexibility since you can monitor your vehicles remotely. Also, you will know when to cancel trips due to critical weather conditions, which may result in expensive damages.

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