5 Easy Outfit Ideas Inspired by Rihanna

by Ethan More

Rihanna is well known for her beautiful voice and incredible sense of style. The Barbados native is not afraid to wear incredibly daring, yet sexy and elegant styles. On top of that, she has been known to wear the most beautiful outfits while showing off her baby bump. If you are looking for some inspiration from the beautiful Rihanna, here are 5 easy outfit ideas inspired by the R&B singer. 

The Business, yet Edgy Look

Rihanna’s stylist is not one to shy away from a trendy look while making it look classy. She was seen wearing some cut-up, loose-fitting jeans that were then paired with a brown blazer with stripes on it. What really brings the style together is that you can wear the blazer alone and button it up or wear it open with a bralette in the color of your choice. Rihanna paired this look with some flat, brown, fuzzy sandals.

The Denim, on Denim, on Denim Look

We all know that denim is definitely an item that you must have in your closet. It pairs well with any color, style, or even any shoes! Rihanna, though, has paired a denim jacket, with a short, denim mini skirt, and some knee-high denim boots. Grab your favorite denim jacket and wear your favorite bralette under it. If you are feeling like doing a little extra, you can consider wearing nothing under the jacket, leaving the top buttons unbuttoned. Pair it with your favorite denim, fitted skirt to replicate Rihanna’s outfit. Finish the look with some denim knee-high boots. 

The Comfy, yet Sassy Look

While she is always a fashion staple, Rihanna is not afraid to pair style with comfort. She was seen roaming the streets with some track pants and a plaid shirt. This is a very easy outfit to replicate and it will provide you with the comfort you may need to run errands, while still being in a fashionable outfit. Grab your favorite track pants and pair them with a plaid shirt of the same color. The plaid shirt Rihanna chooses to wear is unbuttoned from the top to show off a bit of cleavage. Tie the outfit together with some white sneakers and you will be good to go! 

The Oversized Business Look

Rihanna is well known for running multiple businesses – from her makeup line to her lingerie company – so we must assume she has to attend plenty of business meetings. One of the looks she opts to wear is an oversized suit. The suit she chose is a beige color and both the jacket and pants are oversized. Find a suit that fits you oversized and do as Rihanna and button up the jacket wearing nothing underneath. For shoes, pair the outfit with some white heels and you will have a classy business look. 

The Show Off Your Baby Bump Look

Rihanna has been known to show off her baby bump in the most fashionable of ways. If you have a baby bump of your own and are looking to replicate one of Rihanna’s styles, then the pink puffy jacket is for you! Rihanna paired the jacket with some ripped jeans. But what really tied the outfit together, was that the pink puffy jacket she wore was unbuttoned from the bottom to reveal her baby bump. Additionally, she wore some long necklaces to accessorize her growing baby bump. Replicate this outfit with any puffy jacket and jeans, so long as you remember your accessories! 

Time to Replicate

There you have it! Replicating Rihanna’s looks has never been easier. Follow the suggestions above and you will be sure to have a fashionable outfit for any event you choose. Remember, you can choose to wear something cute under your jackets like a bralette, or go without anything like Rihanna does and you will surely have some fun trying these dashing looks! 

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