Suits That Create the Strongest Impression

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Carrying a meticulous suit attire is every man’s most elegant dress code, but we are often confused about which styles to pick. If you choose the right outfit, you are bound to make a strong impression on the people you meet. Suits are an appropriate fit for formal or semi-casual events. Wearing a trouser suit makes you stand out and look super-chic.

Even though a suited man looks terrific. However, picking the right fit and style is crucial. Not wearing a suitably designed suit will only spoil your entire look. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep a close watch on men’s suits Sydney for the ongoing trends and fashions to know which dress suit to buy for your next formal party.

To ease your selection, in the article ahead, we have listed down a few dress suit styles that you can look into before deciding on the perfect attire for an upcoming job interview or a formal meeting.

  • The Double-Breasted Suit:

Often people label the double-breasted suit as old and outdated. However, if worn correctly, the double-breasted dress suit is stylish. As suggested by the name, the coat is lined with two sets of buttons in the front to tie the overlapping front flaps.

Originating from ancient times, this style of buttons was introduced to hold the inside and outside layers of clothing together. These coats are known to take their inspiration from the naval reefer jackets, more casually known as the pea coats.

The double-breasted coat style is known to accentuate the shoulders and give them a broader outlook. It also brings in the belly, which makes the wearer look lean and fit. It is best suited for men who have a slimmer body since broad-shouldered men would look wider in a double-breasted upper.

If you are wearing this suit in winters, donning it in a midnight navy or an almost-black grey would look appropriate. Otherwise, an ash-grey trouser suit will also look extremely elegant. Wearing a double-breasted suit over a high-neck sweater would make the outfit look seasonally appropriate and smart.

If you wish to carry a more vintage look, then opt for the double-breasted coat with a matching trouser to create the most convincing first impression.

  • The Dinner Suit:

The dinner suit with a bow-tie is often a dress code for a tad less formal event. It is a way to skip the tie and wear something that exudes a prim and proper attire without the formality of a necktie. The combination of a perfectly tied bow with a crisp white shirt and a black slim-fit suit looks extremely elegant and stylish. If you want to make your dinner suit stand out and create a fantastic first impression, make sure to focus on the details.

You could wear your dinner suit with a matching cummerbund. Even though it is not essential, but a cummerbund gives the outfit a more elegant cut. It flatters your figure by covering the waist and creating a muscular ‘V’ at the chest. You don’t necessarily have to go for an all-black attire as you can also experiment with different colors. It is also essential to coordinate your entire getup. You should try and match your accessories which means that if you are wearing silver-lined cuffs, make sure to wear a silver cased watch.


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