How Australians Dress for the Beach

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We are sure you have heard of the phrase ‘’ When in Rome, do as the Romans do’’. This phrase applies equally to you if you are planning to visit a beach in Australia. When visiting a beach, you do not want to be the odd one out, so we have compiled a complete guide for you to sail through a day at the beach easily. What might be appropriate on a beach in another country might not be considered a very acceptable thing on the beach in Australia, so it is recommended you prepare yourself for the beach vacation in Australia before visiting.

Who does not love the sunshine, sound of waves, soft sand running through your feet, and spending quality time with your loved ones? You will only be able to enjoy all these things if you are well prepared to spend a day beach. If you do not plan ahead of time, or dress inappropriately, you will not make the most of your day at the beach, and we cannot let this happen to you.

When it comes to Australian beach, there is no such thing as less clothing. A mere piece of towel or bikini; your call! We are not kidding! Australian believe that once you are at a beach, you should relax and make the most of your day. Let us tell you how Australians dress for the beach


Before we mention anything, choosing an appropriate swimwear is the most important thing. Choosing the right swimsuit is your first step towards a fun-filled day at the beach.

Australians dress in various types of bikinis depending upon their mood and body such as triangle, bralette, high neck, singlet, Bandeau, and halter. Australians also love wearing Kaftans, songs, skirts and board shorts for a beach vacation. It depends on your style and personality which one you want to opt for.

If you are confused about what could be your best pick when it comes to swimsuit Australia, there are many online options available that will resolve your problem. A few recommended pieces from the collection of swimsuit Australia could be a colorful, bubbly bikini for days when you are feeling on top of everything. For the days when you do not want to spend much time in dressing up, a one-tone swimsuit can be your go-to option. There are many graphic print swimsuits available if that depicts your true personality. For the days when you want to feel beautiful, a bright floral print bikini and bottoms with criss-cross straps will reflect your mood. If you are planning to play games and do different activities with your friend, a sports one-piece swimsuit is an ideal choice for you. Its stretchable material gives you the liberty to move around freely without compromising on the style. You will find multiple swimwear options in stores or online. If you want to tone it down a bit, opt for a swimsuit in pastel colors which gives your body more coverage, so you do not stand out too much.

Beach Essentials 

If you are planning a day to the beach in Australia, go on read the essentials you would need to have a perfect day at the beach.


Australians keep a bottle of sunscreen handy all year round, but if you are hitting the beach, it is a must. Always wear a sunscreen of SPF 50+ which is appropriate for the weather in Australia. Have some mercy on your skin and take our word when we say any sunscreen below SPF 50 will not do the job. You can easily find a sunscreen according to your skin type.

A Big Hat

A lot of people think that wearing sunscreen is your ultimate protection from harmful rays of the sun and will save you from severe heat, but that is not true. When visiting the beach, you need to have a big hat to give you some shade when the sun is shining bright.


Australians keep a pair of good quality sunglasses with them all the time, but it becomes totally necessary when they are going to the beach. You often hear them call sunglasses-sunnies. Do not get confused and next time you plan a day at the beach, keep your sunnies close!


Why are we talking about thongs again when we have already talked about swimwear? Thongs in Australian terms are a pair of flip flops! Even if Australians go to the beach in a single towel, you will find them holding a pair of the flip flop to get them through the hot sand.

Beach Towel

Australians keep a beach towel in their bag so once they set up a place to lie down and enjoy the day, they have a towel to put on the sand and relax under the sun.

A good book or blue-tooth speaker

If you are a book person or music lover, take a book or speakers with you so while you enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of waves, you read your favorite book or listen to music for a more relaxed day.

A water Bottle


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