10 things women need to know about thongs

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Have you ever tried on a body-fitting dress and feared that your panty lines would be visible from behind? Well, thongs took over the lingerie market as soon as the 70s saw Rudi’s breezy and bun-blowing creation! Thongs were invented to precisely rescue you from the ultimate horror of visible panty lines (VLPs), and not to mention, to turn up the heat in the bedroom as well!

When speaking about sexy underwear, there is more than simply awarding sex appeal to thongs and g-strings! Apart from wearing it in the bedroom, a thong can be worn with utmost ease and comfort at the beach (including glares from the beach patrol) as well as at home or the gym. But the main question arises here – is switching to a thong from an elastic, stretchable, and bum-covering briefs or panty worth baring the struggle?

Shifting to thongs from briefs and panties requires a major seal of approval from the crotch (and the partner, of course! Wink wink! To help you in making the ultimate decision, we have mentioned ten things that women need to know about thongs and why they should welcome them in their wardrobes without any fear!

G-strings are Different from Thongs!

Complete game-changer, right? The lingerie industry thrives on sexy underwear which might appear the same, but declare it to be a sin if you take their terms wrong.

A thong is a piece of underwear that looks pretty similar to a skimpy bikini but contrastingly, has a small patch of fabric for covering the part between your bum cheeks.

G-string, on the other hand, enables you to bare it all by minimising the piece of fabric covering your pubes in the front. But the g-string doesn’t stop there! With a quarter-inch of fabric in the name of a skimpy back strap, a g-string knows pretty well how to stir up the heat in your bedroom!

No Visible Panty Lines

Wearing skin-tight jeans or skin-fitted body-suits has become a breeze – quite literally; thanks to the skimpy string clutching your bum crack. With fabric as soft as cotton, satin, lace, and silk, a thong is the only piece of underwear that apart from its various styles, has unlimited but overwhelming options!

Also, as you grow, your bottom starts to become wider and rounder, not to mention thicker! Wearing a thong underneath your clothes will allow you to slip into your everyday clothes, and who knows, help you to slide right into your tighter and outgrown ones!

Thongs Redefine Comfort!

Also, with panty lines completely non-existent, a thong liberates the stretch marks that would be otherwise evident on your bum and waist in your plain old knickers. A thong allows you to breathe comfort, style and liberation and doesn’t ride up or peek when you bend or exert for work!

Plus, a thong helps you to divert unwanted gazes at all times. No more visible panty lines or policing by the fashion patrol on how to wear your basic underwear!


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